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FREE VALVE GREASING! - Firstline Pressure Works offers more then expected.

Updated: Mar 9, 2021


Firstline Pressure Works has been operating for over 5 years. They have recently come under new ownership, but they still offering the same experience and quality that southeast sask is use to. Their skilled workers are very motivated and trained in all required fields and knowledgeable about all equipment being used.

Firstline Pressure Works is owned by a local family who has always been a proud local supporter of not just Estevan Oilfield Technical Society, but for many other great charities and groups around the area. Companies like these are how community ran non-profits can continue to operate year after year to ensure public engagement, events and opportunities to locals.

Firstline offers a variety of services to help in your pressure testing needs. Providing the following:

  • Pressure test BOP’s

  • Wellheads

  • Casing

  • Leak off testing

  • Surface testing of down hole tools

They also offer mobile valve greasing service. Nothing causes valves to leak more then lack of grease and maintenance.

Firstline Pressure Works is currently operating at 3 state of the art pressure units but always looking to grow and expand to meet the needs of their customers servicing the southeast. With 40L/M and capabilities of 70MPA we are able to handle any job.

BOP1 21MPA @ 40L/m

Mobile Greasing Unit

BOP2 70MPA @ 25L/min

BOP3 45MPA @ 40L/m Mobile Greasing Unit

Box 1055 Estevan, Saskatchewan S4A 2H7


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