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Courage to Change, more then the everyday.

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Oil and gas has changed and so with it does

Courage. “Sponsoring the Estevan OTS for 2021 is a way we can show the industry we believe in the Southeast, outside of our fleet of vac trucks, steamers and boilers and well pretty much anything under the living skies of the area.”

Courage Oilfield Services has been operating in Saskatchewan Southeast, for over 25 years. Working thru thick and thin, boom and bust they have had the Courage to push forward, increasing fleets, building a new facility and encouraging growth and ability to adapt. Their experienced team of operators and drivers allow for year over year of success.

Located in Oxbow, SK working in the entire Southeast to as far as California. Courage was started by Lorne Bremner and Co Owned with Lloyd Thompson, in 1996. Over the years moving from flushby units, pickers, to a full fleet of vac trucks, steamers, boilers, logistics, warehousing, chemical blending, fluid hauling and pressure pumping. They believe in supporting our industry and our communities as much when things are down as when things are good. Ensuring that long lasting traditions and ideologies that made the southeast such a great place to do business and grow continue on into the future.

With a unique and always expanding list of services, Courage Oilfield’s goal is to serve you fast, and cost effectively.

All of our Vac, Combo Vac, and Steamer Units are equipped with industry leading dry steam packages. Our 980,000 BTU boiler systems can produce dry steam for all your defrosting needs. In addition, our pumps are capable of producing 10 gallon/minute wash water at 3,000 PSI.

We also offer Hydro-Excavation and Daylighting Services to the oil, construction, and mining industries. Using our trucks for your turn-around needs allows for one unit to handle both the steaming and the vac services. One call does it all.


Courage Oilfield Services Ltd is committed to protecting the health and safety of all employees, fellow workers and the community.

Employees are not expected to sacrifice the safety or well-being of personnel for production or any other reason. All employees must work in a safe manner and with a safe attitude, in order to avoid personal injury and injury to fellow workers.

Our goal is to have an accident-free work place. To achieve this goal, all Courage Oilfield Services Ltd owners and employees have the following responsibilities for safety:

  • Comply with Courage’s health and safety policies.

  • Comply with federal, provincial, local, client-specific, and site-specific requirements for occupational health and safety.

  • Read, understand, and follow Courage’s safe work practices and job procedures.

  • Wear appropriate clothing and personal protective equipment.

  • Report all accidents, injuries, illnesses, and near misses regardless of their severity.

  • Identify and immediately report any safety hazards or unsafe work conditions.

  • Do not participate in any activities you deem unsafe.

We are currently working to develop and deploy state of the art Hardware and Software systems that allow for a streamline internal process, that will allow for us to capture and create new efficiencies that can be past to our customers, and clients.

Servicing all of Southern Saskatchewan as well as SW Manitoba.

Address: Hwy 18 East Oxbow SK

Phone: (306) 483-2130 Fax: (306) 483-2132 Email:

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